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Press Releases

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10/20/17 Veteran says she was kicked out of Utah bar because of her service dog – FOX 13

10/31/17 Veteran Says Bar Manager Took One Look At Her Service Dog And Kicked Her Out – LITTLE THINGS

11/7/17 State of Utah files for dismissal of suit over state guardianship law, says plaintiffs don’t have a claim – LEGAL NEWS LINE

12/5/17 Accessory dwelling plan goes back to the drawing board after accusations of discrimination – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

12/6/17 Secrecy Is Nothing New For Gary DeLand, Utah’s Former Prison Boss, Who Won’t Reveal Jail Standards – KUER

12/11/17 Groups open legal front against Utah’s secret jail standards – STANDARD-EXAMINER

12/11/17 Groups open legal front against Utah’s secret jail standards – PROBONO.NET

12/26/17 Republican tax bill “Sneaky Repeal” will cost Utahns who rely on healthcare – UBMEDIA.BIZ

12/29/17 Health advocates blast tax law’s rollback of penalty for not having insurance – DESERET NEWS

01/8/18 CPSD and CCD Letter to Department of Justice Opposing Withdrawal of Several Key Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidance and Technical Assistance Documents – COLLABORATION TO PROMOTE SELF-DETERMINATION

01/12/18 ‘Can you help me get out of here?’ — Utah sued over ‘inadequate’ system of care for developmentally disabled adults – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

01/15/18 Lawsuit against state of Utah alleges violation of American Disabilities Act – KMYU

01/15/18 Lawsuit against state of Utah alleges violation of American Disabilities Act – KUTV

01/15/18 Lawsuit accuses Utah agencies of segregating, isolating disabled adults in care facilities – DESERET NEWS

01/15/18 This intellectually disabled Utah woman wants to date, work more and go to college. But the state makes it impossible to leave her ‘crowded, noisy and isolated’ institution, lawyers say. – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

01/15/18 Intellectually disabled Utah woman yearns for freedom from her institutionalized lifestyle – JAMROCK MAGAZINE

01/15/18 Disability Law Center files lawsuit against Utah departments and services – FOX 13

01/17/18 Lawsuit seeks expanded freedoms for Utah’s intellectually disabled adults – STANDARD-EXAMINER

01/17/18 Tribune Editorial: Let’s take better care of our individuals with disabilities – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

01/23/18 HUD Awards $37 Million to Fight Housing Discrimination – REALESTATERAMA

01/23/18 In our opinion: Disabled Utahns deserve compassionate care and better housing options – DESERET NEWS

01/27/18 In a reversal that will end years of secrecy, Utah’s county jail guidelines will be made public – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

01/31/18 Statewide training teaches low-tech assistive technology techniques – CENTER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES USU

01/31/18 Panel OKs plan for smaller community corrections centers along Wasatch Front – KSL

01/31/18 A bill to spread halfway houses throughout Utah — at a cost of $27 million — is on its way to the Senate floor – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

02/7/18 LDS church supports, others object to bill for secret recording ban – KUTV

02/13/18 Utah reports to feds omit inmates ‘released’ from custody after deadly incidents – STANDARD -EXAMINER

02/13/18 Need Medicaid? In Utah, Soon You Might Have To Work For It – KUER

02/15/18 “Bad Faith” letters and the Americans with Disabilities Act – KCPW

02/15/18 National Council on Independent Living Opposes HR 620 – DEARCOLLEAGUE.US

02/15/18 Working the Accommodation Puzzle: A Year in the Life of a Student Researcher – S.J. QUINNEY COLLEGE OF LAW

02/21/18 Senate panel backs reports on law enforcement actions regarding students – DESERET NEWS

02/21/18 Utah Woman with Down Syndrome Hopes Lawsuit Will Lead to a More Independent Life: ‘It’s My Dream’ – PEOPLE

02/23/18 PRESS RELEASE: “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Kicks Off 2018 Legal Aid Campaign for Equal Justice – AJFA

02/25/18 Feds are investigating 23 potential civil rights violations at Utah elementary and high schools, according to new searchable list – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

02/27/18 S.B. 172, “Medicaid Waiver Amendments” – ALLIANCE FOR A BETTER UTAH

3/1/18 Non-profit group concerned over tactics in ADA lawsuits –

3/2/18 If HUD Calls Do You Have Documentation To Defend Yourself? – RENATALHOUSINGJOURNAL.COM

3/3/18 Medicaid work requirement bill revived after failing in committee – DESERET NEWS

3/7/18 Pressure Is On Utah To Free Up More Psychiatric Beds – KUER

3/15/18 After jail death controversies, Utah sheriffs post standards online – STANDARD-EXAMINER

3/19/18 No Way Out: Class Action Seeks Integration of People with Disabilities in Utah – IMPACT FUND

3/26/18 Salt Lake City starts consumer financial protection initiative – PUBLIC.

3/27/18 Utah Disability Law Center introduces new voting equipment – KUTV

3/31/18 ‘It’s a whole different world’: Utah State Hospital reduces patient wait times to 60 days – DESERET NEWS

4/6/18 The Imperative to Protect Dignity – INTERMOUNTAIN CATHOLIC

4/13/18 Utah’s sheriffs can keep long-guarded records on jail operations and inspections secret in a win for a private contractor that could end up in court – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

4/15/18 7 Utah jail deaths in 2017, down more than two-thirds from the year before – STANDARD-EXAMINER

4/15/18 Tribune Editorial: Closed records threaten inmates’ lives – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

4/18/18 Rental Woes – CITY WEEKLY

4/26/18 Non-traditional Allies Reforming Restrictive Housing in Utah – VERA INSTITUTE

4/26/18 Gehrke: Barbara Toomer was a relentless advocate for fair treatment for Utah’s disabled and a role model for the rest of us – SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

5/16/18 KRCL RadioActive Interview – KRCL RADIOACTIVE

5/30/18 ACLU of Utah, Disability Law Center file suit over Davis County Jail standards – Standard-Examiner

5/30/18 ACLU and Disability Law Center file law suit to make jail standards publicly available – KUTV

5/31/18 ACLU and Disability Law Center file law suit to make jail standards publicly available – Thirteen Reasons

5/31/18 ACLU of Utah and Disability Law Center file lawsuit to make jail standards public – The Independent

5/31/18 ACLU, Disability Law Center File Suit Over Secretive Davis County Jail Standards – KUER

5/31/18 Groups sue to make jail standards public – Deseret News

5/31/18 Groups sue to make Davis County Jail standards public – KSL

6/5/18 Weber County Jail inmate dies after apparent suicide – STANDARD-EXAMINER

6/8/18 Utah Jails Can’t Hide Records In The ‘Cloud,’ Lawsuit Claims – KUER

6/11/18 New Voting Options for the June Primary Election – Utah Assistive Technology Program

6/12/18 Ballot Wars – Salt Lake City Weekly

6/14/18 Ballots Talk – KRCL RadioActive

6/14/18 Post 3: How The ACLU of Utah Creates Change – Brandeis University

6/14/18 RADIOACTIVE: JULY 11, 201 show w/ DLC Advocate Andrew Riggle – KRCL RadioActive

6/14/18 Utah highlights reform efforts after lawsuit over mentally ill inmates being stuck in jails indefinitely – FOX 13

6/14/18 Utah State Hospital is treating more patients, more quickly 6 months after legal settlement – DESERET NEWS

6/14/18 Utah State Hospital is treating more patients, more quickly 6 months after legal settlement – KSL

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