Benefits Planning

One of the biggest obstacles to competitive and integrated employment for Utahns with disabilities is a fear of losing the Social Security check or Medicaid on which they depend.

Benefits planning tries to reduce this fear by helping a person with disabilities who is working, or thinking about going to work, figure out how earnings may affect the help they get from the government. The objective is to give them all the information they need to make an informed 1. Schedule an appointment The planner will provide an explanation of services and request key information and documents about your work/benefits situation for researching. 2. Learn how you could work/earn more The planner will give you a report based off the information from your first appointment outlining your work/earning goals and showing how your benefits can be affected by those goals. 3. Track progress and plan for the future The planner can help you create a plan for achieving your work/earning goals based off your report. If your circumstances change, you can meet with your planner to make adjustments.choice about whether or how much to work. The goal is to increase their self-sufficiency and financial stability, while making sure they have the supports or services needed to be as independent as possible.

While the DLC’s benefits planning service is primarily intended for transition-age youth (14-25) and day program or sheltered workshop participants, we will work with anyone with a disability who is eligible for or receiving SSI/Title II (SSDI/CDB/DWB), Medicaid, Section 8/housing assistance, food stamps (SNAP), Family Employment Program (TANF), VA benefits, etc. We can also work with individuals not eligible for or enrolled in Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Once you ask for help, benefits planning is basically a 3-step process. If your circumstances change, you can come back to make adjustments or start the process again.

To learn more or get started, call 800-662-9080 or visit our online contact form. Our services are available free-of-charge statewide.

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You Can Get SSDI or SSI and Still Work

You Can Save Assets and Keep Your Benefits

Usted Puede Tener SSDI o SSI y Presentarse a Trabajar Igual