FY22 Priorities

Although our areas of focus may change from year to year, we remain dedicated to enforcing and strengthening laws that protect the opportunities, choices, and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah. We always welcome suggestions for new areas of focus.

2022 Priorities

  • End abuse and neglect
  • Increase compliance with established accessibility requirements for buildings, public accommodations, transportation, and post-secondary education.
  • End housing discrimination
  • Ensure full participation in the electoral process and increase opportunities to vote privately and independently
  • Enforce Olmstead and promote community integration
  • Increase the availability of community-based health and behavioral health services
  • Address health inequities by providing legal assistance as well as legal training for providers around health-harming civil legal issues.
  • Increase support of and reduce barriers to meeting basic needs
  • Increase access to appropriate, meaningful public education free from segregation and violence
  • Increase equal employment opportunities
  • End employment discrimination
  • Provide information about disability rights and resources
  • Board and Advisory Council Priorities:
    1. Build community to fight stigma and discrimination
    2. Recruit members from diverse communities

Suggest an Area of Focus