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People with disabilities recieving necessary healthcare.Medicaid and Medicare Denials: The DLC seeks to ensure that people with disabilities receive appropriate healthcare services. The DLC takes cases of individuals with disabilities facing denial, reduction, or termination of healthcare and/or assistive technology services by Medicaid or Medicare. This includes DSPD or waiver services. The DLC does not take cases regarding Medicare or Medicaid eligibility and does not take private health insurance cases.

Nursing Home Discharge: The DLC also investigates allegations of inappropriate discharge of those currently receiving inpatient residential healthcare services in long term care facilities and skilled nursing facilities. The DLC will investigate whether procedures regarding discharge are being followed, but may not be able to stop the discharge from taking place.

2017 Federal Legislation

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Repeal Bill

2017 State Legislation

Utah’s Proposed Medicaid Waiver Changes

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Updates and Additional Information

05/13/2017 Deseret News Op-Ed: AHCA will cost Utahns their health, maybe their lives

6/10/2017 Utahns rally in support of affordable health care

06/27/2017 Letter: Disagree with Hatch

06/28/2017 Thousands of Utahns sign petition, urge Hatch, Lee to oppose GOP health care bill

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