How the Disability Law Center Can Help

The Disability Law Center works on behalf of individuals with disabilities in the following ways:

  • Provides information and legal advice to callers regarding issues related to their disabilities so that they can advocate for themselves
  • Represents the rights of individuals with disabilities through various processes for resolving legal disputes.
  • Refers people with disabilities to relevant programs and services
  • Trains groups across Utah on a variety of disability rights topics
  • Informs policymakers, government officials, and the public of the rights of people with disabilities

The laws that give the Disability Law Center the responsibility to protect and advocate for people with disabilities also give us tools to accomplish that task.  We have access to facilities or programs providing services to people with disabilities. This access permits the Disability Law Center to conduct abuse or neglect investigations and monitor a facility or program’s compliance with respect to the rights and safety of people who receive their services. Courts have recognized that this broad Congressional authority allows protection and advocacy agencies to bring actions in their own name to vindicate the rights of people with disabilities.

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