The information presented here is not legal advice

The information that we provide on this site is to let you learn about the Disability Law Center. It is not legal advice and you should not rely upon it as legal advice.

Just because you explore our website, that does not make us your attorney or you our client. Before we can enter into an attorney-client relationship with you we need to determine whether your issue fits our case criteria.  We are not able to take all cases, so we have to prioritize our work to certain subject areas.

Additionally, we need to ensure that your matter is one that we can assist you with.

Consequently, please do not fax or email us any confidential information until you have talked with us and we have entered into an attorney-client relationship with you.

Donor Information

The Disability Law Center does not publish, share, trade, or sell donor names or information. Donor information is kept protected and secure in office and can not be accessed online or by an unauthorized party. Additionally, information will never be given out, for any reason, without the prior release from the donor or organization involved. Any donor, past or present, have the choice to opt out of providing any information they do not desire.


Our site contains “links” to other websites, and information prepared and posted by others.  The DLC cannot guarantee the accuracy of information posted on other sites.  The links are not intended to imply that we sponsor or are affiliated or associated with the persons who created those sites.

Comments or information posted by third parties

This site could contain written comments and postings by third parties, and the DLC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information posted by third parties.

Translation of information using Google Translator web plugin

This site contains a Google Translator web plugin in the top right corner of every page. This plugin has the ability to translate our site and all of its pages into hundreds of different languages. This software was designed by Google and the DLC can not guarantee or verify all of the translations of the information provided is accurate. This information should not be taken as legal advice.

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