Current Priorities

FY 2024 Priorities

Although our areas of focus may change from year to year, we remain dedicated to enforcing and strengthening laws that protect the opportunities, choices, and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah. We always welcome suggestions for new areas of focus. 

Abuse and Neglect

  • Investigate abuse or neglect of individuals in residential, treatment, and correctional facilities
  • Monitor facilities and services
  • Individual advocacy
  • Conduct financial reviews

Access and Rights

  • Survey public places for architectural accessibility 
  • Build and strengthen relationships with other organizations to address systemic issues 
  • Expand our work for public education accessibility
    Find appropriate methods to assist higher education students
  • Address barriers that prevent people of all abilities to vote privately and independently

Community Integration

  • Advocate for Utahns to live and receive services and supports appropriate to their choices and needs


  • Assist Utah students with disabilities have access to a free, appropriate public education designed to meet their unique needs


  • Assist individuals who receive services under the Division of Rehabilitation Services to achieve high quality employment outcomes consistent with their employment goals
  • Advocate for individuals with disabilities with issues related to discrimination and other barriers to employment

Fair Housing

  • Assist individuals in protected classes from housing discrimination

Short Term Assistance Team

  • Assist individuals seeking information about disability services, rights, and laws in the community
  • Evaluate issue to determine if it meets current case criteria and bring issues of critical need to the attention of DLC teams

Find Resources

Young mother working with laptop, with her baby next to her.

We offer a wide range of resources to support individuals with disabilities in Utah. You can search through our database of factsheets, brochures, and other educational self-advocacy documents.