Finding your Advocacy Purpose

Fact Sheet
Updated: 7 months ago
Public Policy

What is advocacy and why is it important?

  • According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, advocacy is “The act or process of supporting a cause.” The Utah State Legislature depends on YOUR voice to support or oppose their policies! We play an important role in electing our legislators so it’s important to stay engaged with how their legislation effects the state. Understanding why advocacy is necessary is the first step. To be a successful advocate, you need to figure out your purpose.


Questions to ask yourself when finding your advocacy purpose:

  • What types of laws are you most interested in?
    • Do you want to protect other? Are you passionate about healthcare? Do you care about voting rights? Etc.
  • Why do you care about those issues?
    • Do you have friends who are impacted? Are you impacted? Do you have expertise on the issue? Does this law effect you because of your location? Etc.
  • What do you want your legislators to do?
    • Do you want them to propose a bill? Would you like them to vote against a bill? Would you like them to meet with you? Etc.


These questions should help you understand why you advocate. Civic engagement is difficult and tiring. It’s not easy work. When things get rough, remember your advocacy purpose!