PAIMI Advisory Council Membership Application

All prospective members of the PAIMI Advisory Council must complete the following process to join:

  1. Complete the New Member Application
  2. A letter will be sent to every person applying for membership to the Council thanking them for expressing an interest in serving and explaining the process by which applications are reviewed.
  3. The ad hoc Membership Committee will review all New Member Applications. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that the prospective member meets basic criteria (i.e., must be qualified according to the PAIMI Advisory Council Operating Guidelines and the Strategic Expansion Plan).
  4. Qualified applicants will be contacted by phone. A letter of thanks will be sent to all other applicants thanking them for expressing an interest in serving on the Council and explaining that they have not been selected to serve on the PAIMI Advisory Council at this time.
  5. At least two members of the PAIMI Advisory Council’s Membership Committee will meet with the prospective member for an informal interview.
  6. The Membership Committee will make recommendations to the full Council about possible membership.
  7. The Council will vote on prospective members.
  8. An invitation will be extended to applicants who have been approved by Council members. Letters of appreciation will be sent to all other applicants.
  9. The new member will complete an orientation before attending their first meeting.
  10. NOTE: Although it is not required, prospective members are encouraged to attend a meeting prior to applying to better understand the Council’s role and how it functions.
Membership Application

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