Fair Housing Program Coordinator

Status: Closed

The Disability Law Center (DLC), Utah’s Protection and Advocacy System for individuals with disabilities, is looking for a qualified person to fill the position of Program Coordinator in its Fair Housing Program. This position is responsible for two primary tasks: administration of the FHIP PEI grant received by the DLC from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and operation of the DLC’s fair housing testing program.

The DLC is a non-profit, civil rights-focused law office providing legal advocacy services statewide to Utahans with disabilities. Services include: legal advice and representation, including litigation services; intake and referral, outreach, training and public policy advocacy. The DLC has approximately 30 staff members including attorneys, advocates, intake specialists, administrators and support personnel. Core program funding comes from annualized federal grants. The fair housing grant is for a three-year period from October 1st, 2023 – September 30th, 2026. The DLC has consistently received this funding since 2012.

Under the grant, the DLC is charged with investigating fair housing discrimination complaints across the State of Utah on behalf of all federally and state-protected classes, and provides direct client representation along with systemic advocacy, outreach and education, and the fair housing testing program. “Testing” is one of the most important tools fair housing agencies use to uncover discrimination and involves the use of “secret shopper”-type investigations. In addition to administering the fair housing grant, this position also has the additional responsibilities of setting up housing tests across the State of Utah, assisting with recruitment and training of fair housing testers, and conducting investigative activities.


  • Sensitivity to people with disabilities and other protected classes.
  • Commitment to advancing civil rights & social justice.
  • Exceptional organizational, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Experience with research methods.
  • Four-year degree or higher with experience in grant administration or investigations preferred.
  • Minorities and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


This is a full-time position. The DLC’s salary range and benefits package for a candidate meeting all the minimum requirements are competitive with other public interest law providers. Starting salary will fall within the range of $ 52,000-56,000 depending on experience.


Please submit a letter of interest, and a copy of your resume with references to Jennifer Carver, Paralegal at paralegals@disabilitylawcenter.org. The position will remain open until filled, and applicants will be assessed on a rolling basis.


Submit Your Résumé & Cover Letter

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The DLC is an equal opportunity employer. If interested, please send a resume with a cover letter to: 

Jennifer Carver