Fair Housing Tester

Status: Open

The Disability Law Center (DLC) is looking for people who are interested in serving as testers in its Fair Housing Testing Program. The DLC is charged with investigating certain types of housing discrimination complaints across in the State of Utah. Federal and State fair housing laws prohibit discriminatory practices in any housing industry related business or transaction.

While blatant acts of housing discrimination occur, more often the discrimination is subtle and hard to discover. Testing is one of the most important tools fair housing agencies, housing advocacy groups and others interested in fair housing, use to uncover discrimination. One of the most vital tools of our investigatory process is the fair housing tester. The DLC follows up complaints by creating testing situations—that is, simulations of housing transactions—to uncover violations of the fair housing laws.

What we look for in a tester:

• Ability to follow instructions, remember details, and memorize
• Good oral and written communication skills
• Attention to detail and accuracy
• Dependable and able to complete tester assignments in a timely manner
• Good active listening and observation skills
• Enjoy engaging in role play and feel comfortable acting the role of a home seeker in a variety of situations
• Able to be reached by cell phone/email
• Understand the importance of confidentiality and objectivity
• Willingness to travel as needed
• People who want to get involved in a worthy cause and make a difference!


• Testers cannot be licensed attorneys
• Testers cannot be licensed real estate agents or have any conflicts of interest within real estate or lending (i.e. owning multiple rental properties, mortgage brokers, leasing agents, etc.)
• Testers must not have prior felony convictions or convictions of crimes involving fraud or perjury (pursuant to Title 24: Housing and Urban Development, Subtitle B: Regulations Relating to
Housing and Urban Development: Subchapter A: Fair Housing, Part 125: Fair Housing Initiatives Program; 125,107 (a))

Primary Responsibilities:

• Attend initial testing training session and any supplemental tester trainings as provided
• Perform testing activities in accordance with testing assignments given by the testing
coordinator, while maintaining confidentiality and timeliness.
• Remain neutral during testing activities, adhere to the characteristics assigned to you by the testing coordinator, be observant, and retain any materials that may be given to you by a housing
provider during a test.
• Complete all forms associated with testing activities including test reports, debriefs, and narratives, and submit in a timely manner to the testing coordinator.
• Be in close communication with the testing coordinator. Report any questions or issues with testing activities as soon as possible.

Time commitment:

Due to the nature of testing, the tester position is not a permanent position. This is a periodic position, meaning that the DLC will offer approved testers paid assignments on an as-needed basis. Once trained, a tester may have the opportunity to complete a few tests a month as their own schedule allows, but should not expect a consistent testing schedule.

The job of a tester is not always over after the test has been completed. A tester may participate in a test that the DLC determines may be used as evidence in a subsequent enforcement action. In this situation, the tester may be asked to serve as a witness and provide testimony at a deposition, hearing, or trial in connection with a legal or administrative action.


Testers are paid biweekly at a rate of $55-150 per completed test, dependent on the test category.

A completed test: received test assignment, followed all test instructions, completed all paperwork, completed debrief with testing coordinator, uploaded all documents and files.

An incomplete test will be paid at minimum wage for the time spent on the test.


Testing Coordinator Contact Information:
Anna Merrill
801-363-1347 ext 3212

Submit Your Résumé & Cover Letter

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The DLC is an equal opportunity employer. If interested, please send a resume with a cover letter to: 

Anna Merril