Jodie Palmer

Property Manager, Caregiver and Advocate
Jodie Palmer Portrait

Jodie holds a degree in Public Relations/Mass Communications from the University of Utah. In 1986, her fiancé experienced a horrific automobile accident, leaving him in a coma for six weeks and resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Jodie’s life was changed as she and her fiancé experienced first-hand the lack of information available to TBI survivors and families. Determined to remedy this lack, Jodie became the first Executive Director of the Brain Injury Alliance (formerly The Utah Head Injury Association) in Utah, and opened the first TBI Resource Center. She traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Utah representatives and rallied to get the TBI Act passed. Today, Jodie manages several properties and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. She is an outdoor activist, and “the mountains are calling, I must go”, is the motto she lives by.