Start of the 2024 General Session of the Utah State Legislature

Updated: 5 months ago
Public Policy

The Utah State Legislature began the 2024 General Session today.  The DLC’s Public Policy team will be tracking all the bills that impact Utahns with Disabilities, as well as any budget items that could have an impact.  We also have a calendar with meetings and events we will be attending/following.  And the Policy Corner is back, so you can always see what is coming up and what went down with what Andrew and Nate.

The Second week will feature Disability Advocacy Week, with presentations from the DLC and many of our partners across the State.  The week will end with a reception from the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities.  Many legislators attend that reception, so be sure to show up if you have issues you’d like to speak with them about.

You can keep up to date with all of this, as well as any of the public comments the DLC will be providing, on our Public Policy page.  You can find numerous resources there on how to engage with the Legislature in doing your own advocacy, too!