2024 Public Comment / HB 393

Updated: 2 months ago
Public Policy

February 8, 2024
Nate Crippes / Public Affairs Supervising Attorney
Andrew Riggle / Public Policy Advocate
(801) 363-1347 / (800) 662-9080

Good morning, committee members. My name’s Andrew Riggle. I’m the Disability Law Center’s public policy advocate.

Compared to other Western states, Utah serves the lowest percentage of its residents with intellectually and developmentally disables, at around 7%.

Unsurprisingly, over the last decade, the Division of Services for People with Disabilities waiting list has more than doubled, yet the number of individuals served has only increased by about a third. While only slightly more than a quarter of those on the list are waiting for more intensive services, the average wait time is now about 5.5 years (with some approaching 20 years or longer).

HB 393 will help the state keep pace with the need for community supports as individuals live longer and their caregivers grow older. It may also help the state meet its obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act to serve a person in the most integrated setting appropriate and make reasonable progress on moving individuals from the waiting list into services.

We appreciate Representative Dailey-Provost proposing a novel approach to addressing a critical and long-standing issue. We urge your support.